In order to produce all kinds of Isogam (Insulation) and Polymer derivatives at the level of international and national standards and by getting license from ministry of industry and mining, Delijan Pasargad Industrial Manufacturing Company with registration number 309 of Delijan Companies Registration Office was established  in 2001.
Using experienced personnel, new machines, high technology, research and development in the field of producing all kinds of Isogam(Insulation), using quality control well-equipped laboratory, employing chemistry experts and university professors, manufacturing high quality products at the level of Iran national standard, protecting the environment and finally consumer satisfaction are the most important policies of this company.
It should be noted that with the installation of filtration system and controlling emissions, Delijan Pasargad company has a very important role in protecting environment and health of its employees.

Head of Board of directors :Firooz Ebrahimi
Managing director : Mohammad Rafyee
Sales Manager and Member of board of directors : Hasan Asqari


  : Central Office and factory 
Pasargad Isogam co , third st, Buali industrial zone, Delijan/Iran
5 - 21 75 24 44 86 98+: Tel
   24 75 24 44 86 98+: Fax
 4871 866 98918+ : Mobile
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